Having aggressive sex can break condom

Don't forget about the female condom! That makes them feel more comfortable, too. You don't put condoms on like you put on a sock or stocking, where you pull them all the way on so that they're snug at the tip. Never even thought of this one till my mom mentioned it to me the other day

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Condoms Breaking? Ur Probably Doin It Wrong.

Condom storage is also something to think about before you even have the condom yourself. People have used lubricants for as far back as we know, and if you ask us, beautifully engineered, clean lube in a bottle or tube is a serious improvement over animal guts or blubber, something we know people way back in the day used as lube. Have you checked the expiration date?

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The idea that a body creating enough lubricant on its own gives a person some kind of sexual status, and that not being lubed up enough on your own means something is terribly wrong, are both really problematic ideas. Too, if you're using a hormonal birth control method like the pillone common side effect is a drier vagina. If they're past the expiry date, they also may have been shuffled around for a long time.

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